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Website design and development services for the mobile age. Talented software developers and creative services for your website or app. We are the experts. We are technologists. Talented software developers and creative services for your website or app. Our difference ... we develop mobile applications, games, websites, platforms, online stores and others with high quality, speed and low price.

Virtual Realty

The development of this action is based on best experiences of Virtual Reality to the visitors of the events, stores ,promotional web…, in this way:

  • - Generation of traffic: will be provided tickets,brochures and posters will be hung where you will find a QR to access experiences of Virtual Reality for Smartphone. In addition, a promo will be created to deliver Virtual Reality Spectacles seregrated in motive of the promo. This promo would communicate in the brochures and posters through access to a web and enter a code or user registration data.
  • - Increase conversion: In this case you could join part of the promo of the Virtual Reality glasses with the purchase of products. In addition, from the web you will be able to access promotional banners of the stores, product information and links.
  • - Brand differentiation: Currently all users and visitors of the store have Smartphone or access to them so they have access to the technology, for this reason they will be able to visualize Virtual Reality contents that are increasingly consumed by users. This type of content will be consensuated with the brand.
In short, we will engage users with the interaction of the brand.
This Virtual Reality will be used from Smartphone, VR glass and Computer ( from web in MAC and PC ).

Augmented Reality

An app will be created to interact with the graphic elements that can be collected in them (flyers, brochures, catalogs, bookmarks in the web ...) or places.
This interaction will be realized through INCREASED REALITY watching videos, animated 3D models, 2D images...
It’s possible to place markers in some locations agreed in the league’s, stores, events, publicity, so that users can focus with the app and visualize contents in 3D, even interactive. These markers can be placed in any location.
Users will be able to enjoy the experience focusing on different graphic elements of the brand, in addition to the specifically generated.

So we plan to introduce a Health project in the Sport to watch in Augmented Reality all 3D models in some exercises, trainning…

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